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Nissa Kinzhalina

I was born and raised in the Kazakhstan’s steppe. From childhood, I studied huge empty spaces and drew the existing reality in my mind. That’s how I developed spatial thinking, and that’s how I began to realize that I could rotate objects in my head without their physical existence.

To a greater extent, I grew up on Japanese architecture, which subsequently affected the creation of furniture. The more I looked at the large architectural forms, the more I became interested in the details that made the house. Then, I realized that I wanted to create furniture that would make me want to build a house for it. My furniture and architecture are very tightly connected, as I always proceed from one to another. For example, the design of my table can be easily applied to the architecture of the building and vice versa, I can make furniture from any building.


SaloneSatellite, Milan – «Dubious Lamp» 2020

Red Dot, Germany - table «Ripple Effect» 2020

Turk Patent conference, Istanbul – Speaker 2019

DesignART, Tokyo - table «Ripple Effect», lamps «Living Light», wall lamp «Solids» 2019

Design PIER, Hong Kong – table «Ripple Effect», chair «Gentle Hint» 2019

Esentai City – II place «Interior for young family with kids» 2019

Astana Designers Awards – Diploma Top-3 2018

The Sleep Event, London - chair «Urban Philosophy» 2016

Paris Design Week - chair «Urban Philosophy» 2015

SaloneSatellite, Milan – floor lamps «Living Light» 2015

IDEAS, Ist place - chair «Urban Philosophy» 2015

International Design Award, Germany – Top-10 from 500 2015

SaloneSatellite, Moscow - chair «Urban Philosophy» 2014

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