Kinetic Chandelier

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this item was made specifically for Sergey Makhno Architects


Neo-futurism, lofty ideals, belief in the harmony of the man, nature and advanced technology—these are some of the ideas that inspired me to create this design. In the future, the change in shape will be determined not only by aesthetics, but also by how this change will interact with the very function of the piece.

The changes in the structure of the Kinetic Chandelier go hand-in- hand with the movement of light. Diodes are located inside the glass tubes that react to the movement of the balancing discs, lighting up and transmitting light to the glass rings in one part of the chandelier, while doing the opposite in other parts of the structure. Based on the laws of balance, the chandelier transforms the lighting process into a synchronised dance of its individual elements. Like atoms, light scatters to the sides before being again attracted to the central elements of the chandelier. All this together creates a feeling of a continuous movement of energy, which is tied to the well-coordinated work of the entire mechanism. You do not have to wait for the distant future to feel what it can be like with the Kinetic Chandelier.