Urban Philosophy Chair

Price on request

measures: 450*450*900(h) mm
weight: approx. 14 kg
materials: acrylic


The line doesn’t trace all the edges of the chair, so depending on your perspective, it can look like the outline of a square (straight on) or a polygon (viewed on an angle). Either way, from afar, all one sees is lines in mid-air and the possibility of seating.


We live not only among objects, things, and items—we live in a world of ideas. Just like any other art, design does not reflect life but creates it. Things we surround ourselves with shape not only the environment of our living space, but also our way of thinking and how we see the world. Behind each form, there is a unique essence, an entire philosophy, history, journey. Behind each piece of furniture, there is not only the finished work, but also the process of reflection.

Made of clear acrylic glass, the Urban Philosophy Chair has a solid and complete silhouette that gives it stability and manifests the unpredictability of its curves. Whatever task you set in the process of transforming your environment, the Urban Philosophy Chair will remain delicate to the space, while at the same time retaining the originality and the meanings of its design.