Living light

Price on request

measures: 300*230*250(h) mm
weight: approx. 3 kg
materials: acrylic, metal, led


Je vous présente ses lampes baptisées « Living light » qui représentent une forme géométrique qui semble être remplie d’un liquide lumineux. Un travail intéressant entre sculpture et design.

Journal du design

Along with science, design is another way of describing and understanding the world. Located far beyond the usual value judgements, it allows for a qualitatively different perception of what is happening around us. This buffer facilitates a certain kind of contact between the creator and the observer, expressed by a powerful surge of emotion and the inception of new knowledge. The silent enjoyment of aesthetics is the response, the resonance of the soul to the designer’s self-expression.

The simplicity of the shapes in the Living Light is compensated by the boldness and originality of the space inside the lamp. As an acrylic lightbox in a geometric vessel, the lamp maintains rigour without taking away the freedom from the light. Eye-catching but understandable at the same time. Modest prideful of its boldness. Real design is created in reality, where shapes interact with each other.