Sense of Balance Table

Price on request

measures: on request
weight: approx. 20 kg
materials: metal


One facet transfers the weight of the other facet - thus forming a single center of gravity.

Leonardo Da Vinci principle

In order to function, a person can get by with the most basic set of things. The main question of the modern high-tech era, however, is not how we survive, but who we are. To answer this question is to answer the fundamental question of being.

Determining for ourselves the dominant idea will become the correct reference point for us in the world of chaotic information, allowing us to preserve our Self.
Table Sense of Balance is the quirkiness of physical laws and the balance that can be achieved by breaking visual harmony. The interlacing of the legs completely random at first glance is based on the fundamental laws of physics and the correct distribution of the centre of gravity. This design is based on the desire to present the natural origin of even the most amazing combinations and to show us how sometimes we can be wrong blindly following our ideas about the stability of shapes.